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Wedding Dress
Wedding Gowns
Wedding Dress

Steam & Pressing
We provide the expertise needed to correctly steam and press your garments. From your favorite designer sweater to the finest couture gowns, our staff has the knowledge to handle every textile in the high-end clothing industry. Each piece is inspected with an attention to detail.

Destination Wedding Specialist ,Wedding Gowns
Golab's Tailoring is a boutique Tailoring, specializing in Wedding Gowns.
 Professional alterations, steam pressing, and  hand-pressing your gown
Whether you are coming from across town or across the country, trust Golab Tailoring to care for your gown before your big day.  We’ll steam and press it, and hand it back to you in perfect condition for your walk down the aisle.  Your wedding gown isn’t like any other garment, and at Golab Tailoring, we treat it as the beautifully unique piece that it is..

Shirt & Suit Jacket
From every day business clothes to a custom made shirt, the proper care and maintenance of your attire is essential to guaranteeing that you are looking at your best. We professionally and carfully hand press and steam your Suit Jacket, Pants, Shirts or any other piece of clothing. 

Suit Ironing
Shirt, Suits
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